What is the Lost Tracking Number for USPS?

There are two possible explanations for your presence here. First, the USPS staff may have misplaced your package's tracking number. In such case, let me to tell you that USPS cannot lose your tracking number because they have no public record of it. However, they require your tracking number to determine the status of your shipment.

According to the official USPS website, USPS post offices do not maintain a record of your personal tracking numbers. Therefore, it is impossible to ascertain the tracking number associated with your name and package.
The second reason is that you may have misplaced your email and mailing receipts, preventing you from accessing your tracking number. My friend can sometimes be a bit of a problem.

Track the Status of Your Package Using a USPS Lost Tracking Number: You may now be asking how you can monitor the status of your USPS package without a tracking number. The immediate response is no.

Unless you have a way to recover the USPS confirmation email or locate the misplaced postal receipt, there is no other option. The USPS Post Office does not keep a record of the transaction; the mailing receipt you receive is the only record.

Upon reflection, this likely necessitates a tweak to the system. In the year 2019, a situation such as this is not an issue. Instead, it becomes a burden for those who are dependent.

What is the remedy for misplaced USPS tracking numbers?
The remedy is to wait until an employee of the United States Postal Service delivers the item. 10 to 20 days may pass before your order arrives. Even if an order is misplaced or returned, you must wait the customary amount of time before taking further action.

After the required time has gone, you can contact the USPS Post Office again, and they will likely have information regarding your order. Since it is unlikely that the USPS will misplace a package, they may return it to its original spot.

How can a USPS Lost Tracking Number be located?

This option is for those who have access to their mail receipts or shipment confirmation emails.
1. Your first step is to look at the mail receipt you received at the post office. You will be able to find your lost Tracking Number at this receipt.
2. Let's say you can't find it on your mail-in receipt, but your mail-in bill is over $50. In that case, you must have another insurance slip.
3. You can find your USPS Lost Tracking Number on your insurance slip.
4. Another way is to use confirmation email from USPS.com to find your tracking number.
5. If you buy something from an online store and they ship the product using USPS, you must also have a confirmation email from that store.
6. If you purchased through an online store and still cannot find the confirmation email, you can contact the store to give you your tracking number.
7. If you still can't find your tracking number, or if there's a possibility of confusion, contact the USPS helpline. They will probably solve your problem.
8. To save yourself from any future trouble, try to write down the tracking number as soon as you have the receipt. Alternatively, you can take a picture of your mobile mail receipt, it's that simple.

If you still can't discover your delivery after reviewing everything and every possible circumstance described in this post, it's likely due to a combination of bad luck and a malfunctioning system time. There is one more thing you can do; you should also explain every aspect of your box to the staff/salesperson so they have a greater possibility of locating it.

Finally, when all hope is over, please call the USPS Customer support office. They can only find that package for your girlfriend. And even if they can't find your package, you should give it a try. Also, next time you should write down your tracking number.