How precise is the usps tracking?

What exactly is USPS tracking?
USPS tracking information allows you to determine the location of your packages at any given time and location. It can also inform you if and when a delivery attempt is made. When you purchase a postal service that includes tracking (such as Mail Express, Priority Mail, or Select Events), your goods will include a 20- to 22-digit tracking number. This number, which corresponds to a marketing code, is encoded on your shipment or labelled onto packages.
The United States Postal Service scans a barcode whenever you ship products to a new location, whether it's your distribution facility or your email. By entering the tracking number into the tracking tool on the USPS website, you may verify the whereabouts of packages in near-real-time. You are keeping track of the number that appears at the bottom of your sales border.
Please be advised that First Class letters (including lowercase letters and celebratory letters) do not include feature tracking. In addition, tracking cannot be added to packages weighing less than 13 ounces.

How accurate is the USPS tracking system?
The USPS tracking system is typically quite accurate. This item provides not only the position of the package at a given time but also the entire date of the projected items. One news organisation began evaluating the precision of the USPS tracking system by sending 33 packages to thirteen cities. 9 of the packages arrived on time or early, which means primary USPS tracking about 88%.

How precise is the USPS delivery date?
Daily USPS forecasts are extremely accurate. In fact, we can identify products transmitted by wire within the continental United States with up to 95% accuracy.
Unfortunately, tracking information is unreliable for wired shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and international locations. Unforeseen situations, such as severe weather or a lack of personnel, might also cause daily projects to be rescheduled.
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The Onding 
The Onding  It operates correctly and reliably the majority of the time, but it is not a comprehensive system. Be patient if you encounter tracking troubles; either your tracking information will be updated or your delivery may arrive unexpectedly.