What Does Dispatched From Sorting Center Mean?

Have you received news that your cargo has left the sorting facility? Not certain about the meaning? Read to discover. Are you monitoring the whereabouts of your package? If so, a "Sent from sorting center" notice may appear.

How to Use Mail Tracking in USPS Media (In-depth Guide)

Media Mail is a USPS Package Service category. Whether you're mailing personal media goods or run a company that routinely delivers media, the primary reason to utilize USPS Media Mail is to save money.

How to set up a USPS Mail Hold

There are three methods for establishing a USPS Mail Hold. Ensure you have proper identity, such as a government-issued identification card or a passport.

Tips about how to track any package

All that sending and receiving makes it more important than ever to know exactly where your package is, and when it will arrive.

The Ultimate Guide to Time Tracking for Online Shoppers

If you have misplaced your tracking number, you will likely do a web search for "how to monitor my item on time." If you call the firm, they have various options to locate your package.