Can you track USPS package without tracking number?

Creating a USPS Notice Shipping account is the simplest way to track a USPS shipment without a tracking number. When creating an account, you must include the shipping address for your packages. After registering with Announced Delivery, you will be able to follow any packages sent to and from the address used to register. What types of USPS services can be tracked?The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a variety of

Automated package inspection system for domestic shipments

Who to contact for help and a description of the Click-N-Ship Automated Package Verification system. What is automatic package verification and who is affected by the process?Automated Package Verification (APV) accelerates the fee verification process for certain shipments including labels created by Click-N-Ship® and PC Postage programs (PC Postage applications including Click -N-Ship, Endicia,, eBay,

How to Locate a Local USPS Pickup/Delivery Location provides a tool for locating local post offices. It is simple to use and may assist you in locating the desired service.

A Guide to Economy Shipping

What is cost-effective shipping? Let's begin with the fundamentals: what exactly is affordable shipping? Economy shipping is slower and less expensive than other shipping options. It is among the least expensive methods to ship a package.And sometimes it is referred to as normal shipment or trucking. Your shipment will take longer to arrive than with priority mail, which

How to Identify and Avoid Package Tracking Scams

If you often purchase online, you must be aware of package tracking scams to avoid falling victim to them. Find out more about them on this page.

Shipping time guide by carrier

Which major shipping company has the quickest arrival time? Get the fastest delivery times from FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS. Product characteristics Weight, size and risky items are all variables that might impact transportation time. Weight is essential since it might effect shipping prices and delivery timeframes Heavy parcels sometimes take longer to travel through the postal